Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tree Toppers Brighten After Christmas Sales

Outdated Tree TopperOutdated Star Tree Topper

Have you had it to no ends with your old tree topper? Did it keep falling sideways and the whole thing clashed with the rest of the tree to begin with? The tree topper is the most noticeable accessory to the Christmas tree, prominently displayed at the top. If that old tree topper is just not working anymore, after the season is the ideal time to seek out the right tree topper for next year. Christmas Lights Etc. gives even more incentive to shop post-season by having after Christmas sales, offering a selection of over thirty unique tree toppers.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

LED Lightshow Trees and Sales for a Unique Holiday Decor

White LED Lightshow Tree
White LED Lightshow Tree

New Outdoor Christmas Decorations

LED Lightshow trees are the hot new item in outdoor Christmas decorations. With bright lights that are seen even from afar, the Lightshow trees astonish with their twinkling and flashing bulbs. Even the bright star on top of the Lightshow trees stand out amongst the darkness, symbolizing that the holidays have come at last. With multiple heights and colors and with new LED technology, the Lightshow Trees are sure to please anyone.

LED Lightshow Trees Save Energy

LEDs only use 10-20% of the energy that incandescent bulbs do, and the LED Lightshow Trees, despite their beauty and brightness, save energy when compared to an incandescent tree of the same size. The Lightshow Trees are not dim because they save energy though; on the contrary, they are extremely bright. The Lightshow Trees are rated for outdoor usage as well as indoors, so placing them outside is ideal. Put a Lightshow Tree in the yard to attract passerysby and impress the neighbors with its multiple functions.

Lightshow Trees Are Unique

With a name like "Lightshow Tree," one would expect there to be much more than a steady lit tree. The LED Lightshow Trees do not disappoint. With varied flashing, setting up a Lightshow Tree is as simple as plugging it in. Put it to music to really dazzle. Coming in Cool White, Blue, and Multicolor, the LED Lightshow Tree are a pleasure to view.

Check out the Lightshow Tree in action here:

Saving Money on Lightshow Trees

Currently, Christmas Lights Etc. is having a sale that would save you shipping on the LED Lightshow trees with discounted shipping codes. As shown on the front page of their website, promo codes are available to discount shipping down to 12 cents for orders over $100. This means that shipping would currently be only 12 cents for any of the LED Lightshow trees. Coupon codes cannot be currently combined, so choose the one that would save you the most money. Take advantage of the free discount codes to save money on your Christmas decorations.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Disney Turns On Christmas Lights for Seasonal Extravaganza

Disney Christmas Light Castle
Disney Christmas Light Castle

Disney Kicks Off Christmas Light Show

Yesterday, Disney parks around the country officially lit up their LED Christmas lights for the holiday season. As always, Disney has prepared a spectacle of lights that will last from the beginning of November until the end of December with festive parties every weekend.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Giant Everest at Disney

Throughout the season, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party will take place, picking up where Halloween left off. Entertainment will contain a holiday parade, live entertainment, and a fireworks show at the end of the night. In Orlando's Disney World, Santa Claus himself will visit with Disney characters and visitors around the park, and a magical snow fall will take place on Main Street, USA. Complimentary cookies and cocoa are also being served to those who attend the party.

Cinderella's Castle

Kicking off the festival was an officialCinderella's Castle in Lights lighting of Cinderella's castle. Disney icons such as Mickey and friends decided that Cinderella's castle needed lights like the rest of the park, and so Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother, with a wish and a bit of magic, turned on the lights for all to see. Cinderella's Castle will now serve as a central location for the park festivities.

Cinderella is not the only Disney princess who loves Christmas, though; a meet-and-greet with Disney characters are scheduled for all guests, whether attending Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party or not.

A Trip to Disney

If you want to see the beautiful lights for yourself, make sure to plan a Disney trip. No time says family like Christmas, and spending it at Disney will only increase the magic. Going in Disney costumes will also help your little ones feel right at home as a Disney princess or superhero.

Lights Galore

Throughout the Magic Kingdom, decorations have been put up for the season. Disney does not hold back when decorating with their lights. Among their suppliers, Christmas Lights Etc. shares some pictures of their beautiful LED Christmas lights. Enjoy and find a little bit of inspiration from these pictures of Disney's Christmas-themed park.

Disney Town Street Filled with Lights
Disney Town Street Filled with Lights

Christmas Lights over a Disney Building
Christmas Lights over a Disney Building

Disney Street in Christmas Lights
Disney Street in Christmas Lights

Disney's LED Christmas Lights
Disney's LED Christmas Lights

Friday, July 8, 2011

LEDs for Saving Energy and Money

LED Giant Everest Christmas tree
Christmas Lights Etc Giant Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lights

You've heard the debates, and over the years LED Christmas lights have become more popular on every tree, fence line and roof line all over town. At the bottom line, LED Christmas lights save energy--a lot of energy, which saves on overall energy costs around a time when saving money is of absolute importance.

While some say that LED Christmas lights are not as bright as incandescent bulbs, it really depends on the lumens. Many LED lights directionally push light, making them seem as bright or brighter than their incandescent partners. Granted, LED lights do cost more than incandescent lights, but you get what you pay for. LEDs last nine times longer than incandescent bulbs and use only one-third of the energy!

Red LED Rope Light
Red LED Rope Light

Go green with LEDs! LED bulbs are gorgeous and perfect for decorating since they save energy. LED rope light can be formed into shapes once heated to spell out names or create symbols. LEDs also come in different shapes and styles: from icicles, to rope lights, to LED Christmas trees. Whatever you're in the market for, purchasing LEDs will help you save.

LED Wholesale Christmas Lights has whatever you need to decorate your home or business around the holidays or for weddings. The options are endless when you purchase LEDs.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas Lights Etc Anticipates the New WonderStand for Easy Tree Decoration

The retail industry is excited about the new As Seen on TV WonderStand arriving this Christmas. The WonderStand has been featured on HGTV, the Cooking Channel, the DIY network, the Hallmark Channel and even the Wedding Channel, and smart Christmas stores are taking part in the season by selling the WonderStand.

The WonderStand's greatest feature is that it makes decorating with live trees absolutely easy. Because there is a separate cup and base design, there is no crawling beneath the trees to secure with bolts. With the locking foot pedal, the tree does not tip or swirl unless you want it to, and because the WonderStand allows the tree to tip and rotate a full 360 degrees, even decorating the tree becomes easier.

Watering the tree also becomes hassle free as the one gallon water reservoir keeps from over spilling water onto the floor and gives the tree plenty of water so that frequent watering is unnecessary. Check out this great WonderStand video that really highlights the WonderStands' great features.

The WonderStand works with live trees up to 10 feet tall and a trunk 6 inches in diameter, so no matter what kind of space you have in your home, the WonderStand will allow you to perfectly set up your tree. Retailers including Christmas Lights Etc. are really looking forward to this product as it will save time around the busy Christmas season. The Christmas Tree Stands section of Christmas Lights Etc. will soon feature the WonderStand, so get ready for a hassle free holiday.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Lights Scream Holiday Cheer

Christmas Lights on House
Christmas Lights on House

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Christmas lights are so delightful! If there's a house that's going to shine, be mine, be mine, be mine!

Christmas lights are a wide carried tradition among many families. Colorful Christmas lights, motifs, and lit Christmas trees spread holiday smiles and spirit. Sharing the laughter and tranquility that tags along with Christmas is what the season is all about!

Showing off the creativity of your family along with the love for the season, decorating with Christmas lights is also a great way for the family to bond. The holiday seasons are about spending time with family and friends and showing your loved ones how much you really care. Spend a little extra time as a family while decorating the trees out front, hanging the icicle lights on the gutters, or staking the lights up the driveway.

With so many homes upgrading to LED's this year Christmas is brighter than ever! Energy saving lights with a brilliant glow, LED's are available in mini's, larger C7s and C9s, icicles and net lights as well. No project in your Christmas village couldn't be completed with LED Christmas lights.

LED Christmas Lights
LED Christmas Lights

Multicolored and clear lights are still big sellers and still have that classic Christmas look to them that so many families love. Trimming the trees in the front yard, running lights along the fence, and adding a few icicles to the roof line all tie together for the perfect holiday cheered home! Turning your new home into the home you grew up in with large style bulbs, bright colors, and even bubble lights along the table top trees, Christmas lights can completely take you back to your first decade of Christmas's.

Spread your holiday cheer and get all your neighbors into the holiday spirit with gorgeous Christmas lights and displays. Turn up the heat this year and light up the block. It's Christmas!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage - Simplify Your Space

Artificial Christmas tree storage is moving up in the world. All the new bags, totes, and containers available to store your holiday centerpiece makes fitting your tree into any space possible. Proper Christmas tree storage will let you use your tree for years to come without any damage and allow storing the tree for next year to be easier and space saving.

Christmas Tree Storage BagArtificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Trying to figure out just where to stick that bulky tree at the end of the year can be a hassle. Well using bags such as the Christmas tree duffel bag will allow you to put your tree, stand, and other decor in one bag and place it in a closet or storage room with ease. Wheels allow these bags to move easily and thick, safety walled liner lets you go worry free about damaging your tree and the bag itself. Everyone knows that after you take an artificial Christmas tree out of the box and fluff it up for use, it is not going back into that same box. No way! Buying an artificial Christmas tree storage bag that will work for the storage space you have available will push that problem right out of your mind.

Artificial Christmas tree storage isn't the only way to keep your family's holiday keepsakes safe through the holiday hibernation season. Wreath storage bags and village keepers keep your welcoming and fruitful decorations safe from weather and being crushed or broken. Storing all of your artificial greenery in storage bags of some sort will help them to last year after saving you a ton of money and saving space in attics and basements where they are stored for 10 months out of the year.

So regardless of it's your tree that is stored upright in a closet, your wreaths on the top shelf, or your village tucked away in the corner, Christmas tree storage bags offer all the protection you need for your valued keepsakes. Simplify your space with space saving bags and carriers, and keep it organized for holiday decorating.