Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aluminum Christmas Trees

Aluminum Christmas trees are great for decorating for all seasons. They can be fun and the center of attention creating a great conversation piece.

When it is cold outside and the days are short, brighten up your child's room by adding an Aluminum Christmas tree. The Blue Aluminum Christmas tree looks great in a boy’s room with a train theme like Thomas the Tank Engine and adds a decorator’s touch by adding the matching train tracks. The Pink Aluminum Christmas trees are just lovely in a little girl’s room with all the Little Princesses or Barbie Themes they have on the market today.

When football season comes, Aluminum Christmas trees can be decorated in your team colors. You can be very creative with the trees by adding little footballs and helmets. The red tree looks great with black ornaments for the Georgia Bull Dogs and the Atlanta Falcons. Decorate the Gold tree with little blue and white footballs, adding little St. Louis Rams helmets. Silver tree with blue ornaments for the Dallas Cowboys and the list goes on.

Halloween will be here before you know it and the black Aluminum tree with added orange lights will bring out all the little monsters. Miniature pumpkins stuffed with candy for the children to pick for themselves from the tree make for an interesting Halloween evening, especially if you hang some plastic bloody fingers from the tree.

Monday, May 5, 2008

TruTip Christmas Trees

What exactly is a TruTip™ Christmas Tree? TruTip™ is a brand name that describes the realistic nature of polyethylene (PE for short) tips on Christmas trees. I tried one of these trees in my home last Christmas season. I was pleasantly surprised with how realistic the tips on these trees are compared to that of a traditional PVC needle. PE tips allow the needles to be molded as exact replicas of real needles. PVC tips can match real needles in color and size but cannot match in shape because they are flat. PE tips are rounded just like needles of real Christmas trees such as a Frasier or Noble Fir.

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