Thursday, November 6, 2008

Help the Environment and Your Budget by Choosing LED Christmas Lights

If you have to buy new lights this year, it's really smart to check out LEDs. As has been published in many places on the web, LEDs use up to 98% less energy and therefore cost less to operate. LED Christmas lights are also brighter and last longer (an average of 5 years versus 2 years) than incandescent lights - the type we're all accustomed to. LEDs also come in a larger variety of colors.

It's hard to go wrong helping the environment by consuming less energy and saving money in the process. Especially when you're spending between 2 and 10% the usual cost to light them each year. On their site (, Diogen Lighting, a premium manufacturer of Energy Star LEDs, reports that you can save nearly $90 over 5 years powering LEDs instead of traditional incandescent lights. To get to the bottom line on total cost though, you have to factor the higher initial price tag to purchase LEDs.

Using one of our favorite sites for LED Christmas Lights, we find that the difference in price between the least expensive string of incandescent lights and the least expensive string of LED lights we could find was about $6.89. Subtracted from the $90 savings on your power bill, we find that buying Christmas LEDs provide an actual savings somewhere around $82. Now let me offer this disclaimer - that number is based on Diogen's estimates for using their lights 6 hours a day over 5 holiday seasons. Real savings may differ by brand and your actual use. The point here though is that you can see how helping the environment, saving money and getting a better product can actually be achieved in one purchase with LEDs.

You can read testimonials from people who have actually made the switch to LEDs on Energy Star's website here: