Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Artificial Christmas Trees Grow in Variety

Artificial Christmas trees grow in variety every year. Last year LED Christmas trees hit the stores, sending consumers in a flurry to possess the newest and bluest in artificial Christmas trees - bluest due to the LED trees being heavy in blue and purple hues on these new energy-efficient trees.

Prelit Artificial Christmas trees are offered in a great variety of styles and levels of quality, with trees to please any budget and consumer. Artificial trees using TruTip technology use PE/PVC tip and needle construction to create life-like needles and color. Quality trees feature imitation bark wrapped trunks, hinge branches, and sturdy metal bases. When choosing a tree, manufacturer warranties speak volumes. Look for trees that come with a 10 year warranty, which can assure customers years of holiday enjoyment and lasting beauty.

Christmas tree variety includes different shapes - choose full trees for large rooms or pencil trees for tight corners or smaller rooms. Colors include traditional green, white, black, pink - pretty much any color you can imagine, including sport themed trees with mixed color tips. Trees come prelit or unlit, and some with holly berries, frosted tips, pine cones and acorns. Trees start at 4.5' and can go to 14' for residential sizes, and giant trees can be 50-100' tall! Lighting options include clear or multicolor mini lights, C7 or G20 bulbs, and now LED lights. Even the needles on the tree vary, with long thin needles to short thick needles like those found on the TruTip Fraser Fir tree.

With so many varieties of truly beautiful and top-quality artificial Christmas trees to choose from, there is no need to sacrifice the joy of decorating and gazing on your holiday tree by making the mistake of choosing a mainstream tree of the shelves of the nearest big-name department store. This year, display the tree of your dreams, because it is out there! If you have dreamt it, you can find it!

TruTip Noble Tree

Lightly Frosted Hawthorne Fir with Holly Berries

LED Christmas Tree