Monday, October 26, 2009

Red Sleigh Trees Boast Exclusive TruTip™ Technology

Red Sleigh offers the best in artificial Christmas tree design and construction. Many of the Red Sleigh trees feature TruTip™ technology, which is exclusive to the brand. TruTip™ technology uses injection-molded PE plastic to mimic the structure and feel of real evergreen needles. Various colors are used in each tip and branch for the most realistic and lifelike tones.

TruTip™ trees boast PE tips on the outer branches and tips, and inner needles are PVC to save on costs. Red Sleigh also offers an extensive line of PVC trees, including frosted trees and flocked trees. Sizes range from 4.5' trees up to grand 14' trees, and standard features include hinged branches and sturdy metal bases. Tree styles vary from featuring imitation bark-wrapped trunks to offering either ample space for ornaments or little space for ornaments.

The Great Debate continues between the live and artificial Christmas tree lovers as to which tree is best and why. These are likely the focused arguments of vested parties - either tree farm owners or department store owners. Red Sleigh helps blur the line between the two parties, making the debate a little less severe on either side. Combining lifelike symmetry and construction with allergen free components, Red Sleigh Christmas trees bring only the best of both worlds to your home. To further prove their commitment to quality, Red Sleigh also offers a strong 10 year warranty, promising years of lasting beauty and use.