Monday, November 2, 2009

Las Vegas Christmas Trees

Las Vegas, Nevada has always been known for its bright and vibrant casinos, hotels, and overall energy. Dubbed "Sin City", people flock from all over the globe to gamble at Caesars Palace and take in the gorgeous views of the Bellagio. While it needs no holiday to beckon its tourists, Vegas sure takes advantage of the fun that can be expressed through commercial Christmas decorations! Below are just some of the views of a Las Vegas Christmas.

The honor of decorating any of the famed casinos, hotels, or streets of Las Vegas is reserved for only the very best. To those who receive the honor we applaud your jobs well done. I know these trees make me want to spend the holidays resting my head on a soft pillow at the Bellagio after taking in the sights. Also pictured above are the trees at Caesars Palace and the Luxor. If you have any amazing Las Vegas images of Christmas trees to add, please do so.

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