Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Trees of 2009

Christmas trees are one of the main decorative staples of the holiday season. From novelty Charlie Brown trees to towering 14' elegant masterpieces, the Christmas trees displayed in homes across the world all represent the styles and meaning of Christmas to the families who decorate them. It is fun and intriguing to look at pictures of decorated Christmas trees that get posted across the Internet, and below are just a few of the images I found of Christmas trees 2009. Trees for this year are all tastefully decorated, from patriotic trees to bright trees with multicolor lights. It is hard to tell which trees are live and which are artificial prelit Christmas trees, but I feel safe saying the white trees are most likely not live!

Christmas Trees 2009This gorgeous tree appears to be a prelit tree. If the owners of this tree wrapped these lights themselves, they possess serious skills!

Christmas Trees 2009This white tree was decorated with a fun and bright red theme.

Christmas Trees 2009Christmas tree with a patriotic theme - perfect use of a white tree!

Christmas Trees 2009Traditionally looking tree that appears to have a slender profile. Warm colors in the room and a gold star make this a beauty for the holidays!

Christmas Trees 2009Trendy and unique tree with almost a round shape - worth passing this image along.

Christmas Trees 2009Flocked Christmas tree appears to be lit with either C7 or C9 multicolor bulbs. Beautiful. The larger bulbs truly make this tree appear to be covered in snow.

Christmas Trees 2009Another tree that appears to be a prelit artificial Christmas tree due to the fantastic lighting job, but the shape and color is very life-like, so it could also be a live tree.

Christmas Trees 2009Full tree with multicolor lights and decorated with beaded garland.

Christmas Trees 2009Smaller Christmas tree - appears to be approximately 6.5'H with multicolor lights.

Christmas Trees 2009Awesome visual display and use of light and space.

Christmas Trees 2009The owner of this Christmas tree and photo displays 12 trees in their home each year! They are clearly good at what they love!

Christmas Trees 2009Christmas tree with the popular blue and silver color theme.

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