Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Choosing Christmas LED Lights

Christmas LED Lights

Choosing Christmas LED lights is a task with many more possibilities than you might know about. While most people have heard about the energy saving benefits of LED Christmas lights, most have not heard about the color, size, and shape availability.

Christmas LED lights are available in a much larger selection than traditional incandescent Christmas lights. This is mostly due to LED lights operating off a computer chip instead of a filament. Christmas LED lights can be in glass or plastic, allowing for endless decorating possibilities. Christmas LED lights made using epoxy plastic are almost completely unbreakable, which is great when you think about the many years of use and dropping bulbs you have ahead of you. LED lights last years longer, with life expectancies of up to 200,000 hours! Traditional incandescent Christmas lights only last three seasons, and that is if they are only used for three months out of the year, and eight hours per day.

From tiny wide angle bulbs with conical shapes to large C9 bulbs, Christmas LED lights are brighter and stronger. Colors range from pure white and warm white to purple, blue, and pink. The computer chip can be set to display color morphing affects, flashing, twinkle and more. Battery LED lights are awesome because smaller batteries are required, and battery life is extended tremendously. Options for icicles, net lights, strings, and stake lights are all still available, along with more advanced versions of traditional favorites. For instance, new falling icicle lights simulate the appearance of falling snow.

Different colors have different price points with LED lights. A red LED Christmas lights is much less expensive to create than cool white, so don't think there is an error in pricing when you compare the two lights side by side. Many Christmas LED lights can have up to 43 light strings connected using only a single outlet. How amazing is that?

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