Thursday, December 8, 2011

LED Lightshow Trees and Sales for a Unique Holiday Decor

White LED Lightshow Tree
White LED Lightshow Tree

New Outdoor Christmas Decorations

LED Lightshow trees are the hot new item in outdoor Christmas decorations. With bright lights that are seen even from afar, the Lightshow trees astonish with their twinkling and flashing bulbs. Even the bright star on top of the Lightshow trees stand out amongst the darkness, symbolizing that the holidays have come at last. With multiple heights and colors and with new LED technology, the Lightshow Trees are sure to please anyone.

LED Lightshow Trees Save Energy

LEDs only use 10-20% of the energy that incandescent bulbs do, and the LED Lightshow Trees, despite their beauty and brightness, save energy when compared to an incandescent tree of the same size. The Lightshow Trees are not dim because they save energy though; on the contrary, they are extremely bright. The Lightshow Trees are rated for outdoor usage as well as indoors, so placing them outside is ideal. Put a Lightshow Tree in the yard to attract passerysby and impress the neighbors with its multiple functions.

Lightshow Trees Are Unique

With a name like "Lightshow Tree," one would expect there to be much more than a steady lit tree. The LED Lightshow Trees do not disappoint. With varied flashing, setting up a Lightshow Tree is as simple as plugging it in. Put it to music to really dazzle. Coming in Cool White, Blue, and Multicolor, the LED Lightshow Tree are a pleasure to view.

Check out the Lightshow Tree in action here:

Saving Money on Lightshow Trees

Currently, Christmas Lights Etc. is having a sale that would save you shipping on the LED Lightshow trees with discounted shipping codes. As shown on the front page of their website, promo codes are available to discount shipping down to 12 cents for orders over $100. This means that shipping would currently be only 12 cents for any of the LED Lightshow trees. Coupon codes cannot be currently combined, so choose the one that would save you the most money. Take advantage of the free discount codes to save money on your Christmas decorations.