Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tree Toppers Brighten After Christmas Sales

Outdated Tree TopperOutdated Star Tree Topper

Have you had it to no ends with your old tree topper? Did it keep falling sideways and the whole thing clashed with the rest of the tree to begin with? The tree topper is the most noticeable accessory to the Christmas tree, prominently displayed at the top. If that old tree topper is just not working anymore, after the season is the ideal time to seek out the right tree topper for next year. Christmas Lights Etc. gives even more incentive to shop post-season by having after Christmas sales, offering a selection of over thirty unique tree toppers. With so many choices in Christmas tree toppers, let's look at the deeper meaning behind the popular themes of the Bethlehem Star, the five-pointed star, the angel and Santa to help you decide which one will suit your tree.

In the Nativity Story, the Bethlehem star shines brightly leading the Three Wise Men to their new King, Jesus. The color morphing Bethlehem star is truly a sight to behold with the lights reflecting and beaming. The mosaic star has the most intricate design, with pieces of stained glass forming the star. These Bethlehem stars symbolize guidance, light and joy in any family's home.

Sad Christmas Without Tree TopperWill Charlie Brown Have a Sad Christmas?

The traditional five-pointed star can take on many meanings, from the literal meaning of stars twinkling over a forest sky to hope of world peace and love. Gold and silver stars may be simple in shape, but are ornate with shimmering fabrics and sequins, complimenting many styles of trees. In a sweet episode of Charlie Brown, his friends help him to build a beautiful Christmas tree topped with a star, reminding him that Christmas is about togetherness and love. See the video A Charlie Brown Christmas - Christmas Tree to see if you still remember this episode from childhood.

Fiber Optic Tree TopperAnimated Angel Tree Topper

Angels are referenced in many cultures as being good spirits to bless and protect. In the Nativity story, the angels are messengers that proclaim Jesus as the Savior for all. Angel tree toppers represent their divinity with dresses made of gorgeous fabrics and beautiful wings spread across their backs. The angel tree topper is like having a guardian angel in the home, bringing a feeling of inner peace.

Santa tree toppers represent the excitement and love of gift-giving at Christmas time. By tradition, Santa is believed to live in the North Pole with his elves and reindeer. On Christmas Eve, he delivers gifts to all the children of the world. Santa tree toppers wear thick robes and long, white beards. Their hands overflow with gifts, or carry a wreath or walking stick. Santa can be whimsical or elegant, depending on the desired look of the tree. Children especially love Santa tree toppers because of Santa's jolly personae. For kind-hearted individuals, Santa can also signify charity.

The tree topper gives the tree expression of values admired most by the family, from faith and love to goodness. Purchasing a high quality tree topper will allow it to be a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. When buying a new Christmas tree, go ahead and buy a new tree topper that matches in style and size with the tree. Do not wait until next Christmas, when time is so limited. Which tree topper is your favorite? Share below!

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